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Our Business Mission Statement & Goal

Our mission is to provide Unique, cost effective , environmentally friendly, custom floors tailored for our clients . Having  the correct knowledge of application and products that won't yellow over time. These floors are meant to last and enjoy.

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Our Story

As a painting company started in 1980, we have enjoyed over 35 years of creativity and joy that comes with brightening someone's home or business. With experience in the construction industry, we are aware of the elements that need to come together to produce the Unique look our customers are looking for. Our background as painting contractors gives us decades of experience in the best coatings and how to use them correctly offering only quality floor coatings at a competitive price.

Our Products & Quality of Service

We use a 100% solids Epoxy injection patching , we Diamond Grind prep the surface correctly ,  apply a Vapor Barrier before any Epoxy is installed.  This is part of what sets our products and services apart from our competition. We provide a clean working environment compliant with HEPA and OSHA equipment and safety measures.

Custom colors and choices with endless options with no additional cost. 

We Install the following products:  Hermetic Flake and  Seamless Commercial Floors, Quartz, Stout, Neat , Metallics, Polishing , ESD Static .We also provide coating removals.

We use only top quality coatings from Germany that are only available to certified installers.

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