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How much does this cost ?

Every floor is Unique , there are diff variants Examples are :

Old coatings -how many layers , glue , toppings . 

The cost is figured at Sqft. Or Liner ft. for base .


Are you licensed and Insured ?

Yes we are licensed in Pinellas county as coating contractors and Insured with Comp , We are also certified Elite Crete Installers.


Will you finish floor in 1 day ?

The systems we install are  not a 1 day process for us . We follow the steps to insure no failures. If time is an issue a 2 day system is possible with scheduling.


Can I expect dust everywhere?

No , We use all Hepa and OSHA approved equipment.


Will you install over tile floors ?

No , you are at the mercy of what is under the system installed . 

 We do have recommendations for tile removal companies .


How do I clean my new floor of Epoxy floor?

Use a neutral Ph cleaner. No acid or lemon.


Why do you use a Moisture Vapor Barrier ?

We install in Florida, we are surrounded by moisture. Products such as Epoxies, Polyaspartic, Urethanes are temperamental and floors often fail due to moisture.


What is the charge for consult ?

There is no charge.


Do you have samples to look at ? 

Yes we have a ware house you are welcome to come and see the actual products on the floors. 


Would you Diamond Grind the floor and let client install their own floor ?

Yes , if they just need coating removed or want to do their own system.


How long will my floor last ?

We have floors that have been down over 20 years. To keep it looking like new we suggest a neutral PH cleaner to floor was installed .These floors are very durable and meant to last and be enjoyed .


What products do you use ?

Elite Crete Products:


* 100% solids

* UV stable

* Anti Microbial

* Easy to clean

* Chemical Resistant

* Slip and stain Resistant

* Zero to Low VOC available 

* Materials  are from Germany 

* They stand behind there products


Damage to my floor what do I do?

Call us, majority of repairs are easily fixed.

Unique Epoxy Floors
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