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Your garage is a high traffic area, so the floors can take a beating over time. That's why you would make your floors as durable as possible. In addition, epoxy floor systems offer an opportunity to create a visual appeal. These floors can be customized with different satin, gloss, and matte finishes with a full range of colors. You can count on us for long-lasting, quality results. Let Unique Epoxy floors install a garage floor coating system designed for you, we're a fully licensed and insured flooring contractor that you can trust.

Fl Unique Floors Garage Epoxy Floors


  • We start by Diamond Grinding the surface with HEPA Vac systems.

  • We use a moisture barrier on all our floors prior to the application of epoxy floor coatings.

  • We then apply an Epoxy coating and flake to reject this is an interlocking system not a random flake. 

  • Appling a solid clear top coat with or without non-slip . 

  • Our floors are environmentally friendly, pet safe, and antimicrobial.

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